HEK Rewards Are Now Official Affiliates for RCI!

HEK Rewards Ltd is delighted to announce its appointment as an affiliate partner to RCI, offering rewards and benefits to RCI members.  RCI wishes to offer its B2B resort developer affiliate clients the optimum loyalty solutions for their customers, and the HEK Rewards products and approach provides an excellent opportunity. HEK Rewards is able to bring to RCI affiliates affordable and robust loyalty solutions, which reflect the size and scale of the resort or owner base.


Warren Joy, co-owner of HEK Rewards Ltd said: “We know the products we deliver will offer a unique way for RCI-affiliated resorts to maintain and attract new members, as well as aiding them in the collection of Annual Maintenance Fees, should this be a requirement.” 


Dimitris Manikis, Vice President of Business Development said: “HEK Rewards and the products it offers are an ideal fit for our affiliated resort clients, and we are thrilled to have them on board as an affiliate partner, through our newly introduced Ambassador Club.”